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Providing research-based health and wellbeing training courses, therapeutic interventions and yoga therapy, based purely on holistic approaches to health and wellbeing


Is the act of paying full attention to the present moment and being aware of where we are and what we’re doing. There is strong research evidence demonstrating that techniques to improve our ability to be more mindful has profound positive effects on all aspects of our lives…


It is beyond doubt that yoga can transform your physical appearance and make you physically fit but yoga has the potential to do much more…



ncredible advances in medical science has enabled us to treat and prevent more acute and chronic diseases than ever before, but health is not merely the absence of disease. Healthcare systems alone cannot bring about the changes we want in ourselves to make life the best it possibly can be.

We are passionate about helping you to become the best version of yourself possible and to achieve fulfilment in all aspects of your life. Please take a look around the website to see how you can transform your life for the better.

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